Monday, September 24, 2007

Some things accomplished from my Loveliness Thing

Well, Greatgrandma and I did make the Maple cookies mentioned in the earlier post. They tasted really quite good--I had to cook them for the full time. I actually only got to taste the icing since I can't have flour. But my hubby and greatgram said they were good. I put them in this glass pumpkin---however does anyone know if this will keep them fresh?

I also managed to pick some flowers and I have been guarding them from the cat; which means placing them in and out of the frig when I leave the area!!

Also the picture of my shirt is for Eowyn to show Rhianwen--and SHE BETTER DO THIS, KIDDO!!


  1. Cute shirt!

    I'm glad to hear your family liked the cookies! They look so pretty in your pumpkin jar. I didn't keep mine in a completely air tight containter either and they were still soft the next day. They didn't last much longer than that though..LOL.


  2. The cookies look soooooooooo good do you have any left?

  3. The glass jar should keep them fresh, I have never had cookies around long enough to worry about them getting stale! :>)