Tuesday, February 7, 2012

such a happy little birthday

I give thanks for Corwin's spirit as he opened the presents--here is just a taste. He kept making little happy sounds. I am so thankful for the thrill of presents, for movement, and delight!


  1. Happy Birthday sweet little Corwin..
    A very special day indeed for your family.
    Little ones are so sweet!
    Have a wonderful day, Elizabeth

  2. He is just darling! I love how focused he is when he's waiting for the box to be opened.

  3. so sweet
    love the way daddy was holding brother back (o:
    I have started opening the box... and cutting the plastic cords... and all that jazz before the parties. Then they can just get right at it (o:

  4. Oh, he's so tiny, and sweet.
    What a joy to watch these babes.