Monday, February 6, 2012

sickness and thanks

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Just wanting to catch up on my giving of thanks. We had a happy celebration on Saturday with little Corwin's birthday. I give thanks for the fun of family celebrations, for birthday games, and fun food. for the excitement of opening presents. I will post pics later.

Sunday--I give thanks for freedom to worship, for the depth and beauty of the Christian faith, for the vibrancy of history.

Monday--I give thanks that viruses usually pass with in 24 to 48 hours! I give thanks for the many varieties of tea! I am thankful for books written long long long ago by various saints--pretty amazing to me to read things as old as the Bible, and from various centuries.


  1. Sorry you were sick - glad you can find a blessing in it. Kristen has been flat on her back, mostly sleeping, for 4 days so far - terrible horrible virus. We've had the kids for 5 days now, and they've all had colds. So far so good for us - Dwight thinks he's getting one.

  2. Sorry about your hubby, and hope you don't get anything worse. It is horrid - don't know if it's the strain that the flu shot could have prevented - she thinks she got a shot. Dwight always does. I never do.

    I just finished watching all the episodes of Father Knows Best until they started over again - love it. Almost included it in the post - think I'll go back and add it. Such good stuff.

  3. I hear your man is sick! Hope you stay well seeing that you were sick with a cold for awhile. Cute pic. Glad you all had a great celebration (o: Happy BD to the little sweetie(: