Wednesday, February 8, 2012

praising God for another day

 For blessed memories of wonder

 of delight
of astonishment
of cuteness, I give thanks!

For gorgeous music to raise my heart in praise
for a funny photographer we met today----
for the camaraderie in an exercise class
for a new craft 
I praise God. 

English Translation
O nata lux de lumine,
Jesu redemptor saeculi,
dignare clemens supplicum
laudes precesque sumere.
Qui carne quondam contegi
dignatus es pro perditis,
nos membra confer effici
tui beati corporis.
O Light born of Light,
Jesus, redeemer of the world,
with kindness deign to receive
the praise and prayer of suppliants.
You who once deigned to be clothed in flesh
for the sake of the lost,
grant us to be made members
of your blessed body.


  1. Wow, tons of blessings in this post! How. Cute. What a special day! :D I posted about cupcakes for a sweet little neighbor's birthday today. Children grow up too darn fast!

  2. How fun! Your birthday boy is so sweet and cute.
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. Indeed...
    a thing to give thanks for (o:

  4. I got those 'instant beds' at garage sales. I have 3. They fold into a chair too. The material they are covered in has stains I can't get out. I have thought about making a cover of some sort. They make great forts and jumping platforms. Whatever (o: