Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feb 1, 2012 thanks RED Lamp shade


There is something about a red lamp shade and its warm glow that just plain ole makes me happy!!  I love the warmth of red and the happiness. It makes me feel cozy all over. I can't be sad when I am confronted with red.  So this is what I start my thanks with today.

I have been enjoying my ladder bookcase. It is filled with books I have been studying--I am on a journey. I thank God for journeys....I thank Him for always being active in our lives.
I thank him for warm golden sunshine and glorious days. I thank him for a new yoga-stretch class---it helps and is a nice break in the week. I thank him for new experiences , new faces, and the joy of personalities. 
I thank him for a new recipe and the time and enjoyment of cooking and smelling it! This is a chicken quinoa recipe found here

I thank God for time to be slow, time to smell, feel, touch, taste, hear....all there is in this world and some of what is in the next!


  1. Such a sweet post! Red makes my heart sing too and you are so right who can be sad with red around..
    I love your checked curtains..
    Have the sweetest of days,

  2. You must be on a journey...
    what a lot of studying you have to do
    Good for you
    I love soup and make an easy one every week and lunch on it all week.I should maybe know these things...but my 26 year old sin says i don't remember anything! I think he is wrong... lol
    but... I don't remember if you have family in town or if it is just you and hubby? Once I thought you lived close to the water??? I think you are retired???
    Not to say that is not crazy busy!!!
    Just me wondering. I think I will challenge other bloggers to tell us more about themselves.

  3. Such a sweet post, Kim, I love it. I am going to go check out your recipe, I only recently discovered quinoa.
    Hugs, Cindy

  4. You are right about the warm glow of your lamp, it really feels soothing. And I love your ladder bookcase! What a great idea!

    Have a lovely day, Kim!

  5. Red lampshades do cast a lovely light! I've always felt red to be the happiest of colors!

  6. Hi Kim, Lovely post and your red makes me smile too. Does give warmth. Love the reflections and your books and the wicker chair. You home is so lovely and inviting. Since I love book I could just curl up in your home and not leave for a few days. Blessings.