Monday, February 13, 2012

Feb 13 more praise


I am catching up from Sunday on my list of thanks.  It was a very cold windy day here in SC. So I thanked him for the clear skies and the bright sunshine. On cold days the warmth of sun streaming in the house is such a blessing. My husband and I sat and read in front of the window and it had a comforting glorious kind of feel to it. It is a blessing to have time to read, drink something hot, and sit in the warmth of the sun!

I have been reading this book (just a bit at a time). It is a relatively new one from 2009. What is  very good about this book is Joni has lived over 40 years now as a quadriplegic. She tells or traces through some of her life and tells what she would have spoken to herself now that she has aged and gained wisdom in her life.---she calls these things learned--rubies of His wisdom. 
This book would be especially helpful for those going through any kind of suffering.
I give praise for the way God uses the suffering and encourages us in the suffering, and for his powerful Resurrection presence in our lives. I give thanks for people like Joni that share and teach us the things they have learned.

I give thanks for the many varieties of tea. I literally have a whole shelf full of different kinds in my cupboard, but I take some of my favorites and place them on the counter in my oriental cups. I see one needs refilling! I am so thankful for variety in life and the wonderful gift of taste.

Last of all today I am thankful for these old, old bowls. They come from an old mixer I had growing up back in the 50's. I am not sure how old the set actually is....but I love their creamy milkyness--they make me smile ...I use them constantly and on Sunday I used them to make some oatmeal cake which is one of our favorite gluten free things to have. (I use Bob's gluten free oats--I just have to put them in the blender a bit if I want them to be quick oats for the recipe). The recipe can be found here:  I prefer them with nothing on them or with just maple syrup. My hubby likes strawberries.
I am blessing God for his many and splendid gifts in this life--both great and small. 


  1. I've read a few of Joni's books but hadn't heard of that one before. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. I hear Joni's nuggets of wisdom from the Word on the radio, but didn't know about this book. Must get it.

    My mom had those exact same bowls for many years with her mixer. I loved them, too. Wonder when they broke.

    I love tea, but mostly only black - especially Kenyan. I do like green, which I drink every day.

    As for my post - I thought after the fact that I should have posted pix of some of the message hearts. Don't know why I haven't done that! I'll have to rectify that missing piece.

    Have a great day!

  3. I added an artist's rendition, but will try to get some pix taken of the real thing.

  4. It is lovely to have a variety of tea to choose from. My husband likes to alternate tea and coffee in the morning - me, I need my coffee!

  5. ok... now I want some of that yummyness
    Guess I should go eat supper instead (o:
    Love the bowels ... I would probably put it in the microwave or dishwasher and ruin them ... yikes

  6. Ok... call me nuts... When did this happen?
    Long before I went without internet for 2 weeks, I'm sure.
    but when did you go from Spindle Cottage to Nannykim's Place? I only just noticed.
    and incidentally, when I READ you post and I come across the SC (I've forgotten that you live in So. Carolina) I read SC as SPINDLE COTTAGE.
    The brain is a curious thing; and I think I've lost mine!

    So you see-- we ALL make ourselves giggle don't we?


  7. Beautiful sentiments, Kim, your list of thankfulness bless my soul every time I read them!
    Hugs, Ciny