Monday, December 3, 2007

A quest and oreo girl

I love to sneak in pictures of my 14 month granddaughter--here she is carrying on the tradition of chocolate covered oreos on tree decorating day!! She also helped her daddy make pancakes!! She will be an awesome Cook!

I like this idea--of our life and our relationship with Christ being like a quest. It makes me think of Tolkein's Trilogy--how the hobbits learned so many things as they went on their quest.

Schweitzer: "He speaks to us the same words--follow thou me.....He commands, and to those who obey him he reveals himself in the toils, the conflicts, and the sufferings which they shall pass through in his fellowship; and , as an ineffable mystery, they shall learn in their own experience who he is."

Bonhoeffer asks a question--"Who is Jesus for us?"

O'Driscoll goes on to comment: "The question Who is Jesus Christ for us? cannot be answered merely by information. It is therefore, more than a question, more of a quest. When we find the answer to a question we get on with other things. But to have a quest is to possess the very thing that allows our lives to go on, that calls us to follow after it. Jesus Christ is not a question to be answered; rather he is a quest to be lived............."


  1. NannyKim
    I love the pictures of your little grand daughter Helping
    she is adorable !!

    thanks for asking about my friend Pat... the problem has been resolved, however she needs continued prayer for both she and her granddaughter "Brittany"...

    there have been some long last scars left that need healing.. plus this ordeal has resulted in some serious financial difficulties...
    so please continue to pray for them both...
    thank you so much for your concern..

  2. What a cutie your grand daughter is! I love her big blue eyes. (o:

    I wanted to thank you for your comment on my living room post. I enjoyed reading about your quiet little spot near the window while you sit in your wicker chair. How wonderful that we can each share a bit of our lives with each other.


  3. Your granddaughter is absolutely adorable!!