Sunday, December 16, 2007


I thank the Lord for times of the blessing of His felt presence......for demonstrations of His work in people's lives. Again and again I have seen so much suffering, so much struggle in the lives of those around me--in church, family, community........yet life has a rich beauty to it. Again and again I see spiritual battles, spiritual growth, sometimes spiritual loss; again and again I have seen prayer changing things in surprising ways---ways I would not have expected or anticipated, perhaps in ways I have questioned and yet beauty has come out of it. The spiritual side of life is a blessing in its rich sustaining surprises----I do see in suffering a deepness in life that is hard to express......sometimes it seems like a song is threading itself into a soul (can't really put down what I mean!). I thank God for all Christ went through on earth and for the way he suffered---you know I never thought of being really thankful for this---I always thought of asking Him to forgive us that He had to endure the suffering. But I am thankful for what He went through because he has been touched with infirmities and suffering and it makes Him such a great high priest, one that can empathize with my weaknesses; what an amazing God to be willing to stoop to such a lowly life for me; what love and now He ministers to me in every aspect of my life. What a blessed presence.


  1. Nannykim,
    this is a beautiful post... thank you so much for putting your thoughts and feelings down in words... to express the way so many Christians feel but sometimes cannot express it...
    very well said my friend...

  2. Nannykim, thank-you for writing that. It is so amazing to see how the Lord works in our lifes. I am so thank-ful for my pray life.

  3. Hey! I found yur blog by visiting another blog.
    What a nice home you have!
    Thank you for good words in your blog.

    Greetings from Norway.

  4. Hello again!

    Thank you for your visit in my blog.
    This chair had belonged to my husband, and before that my mother in law was the owner.
    Funny that you recognized it too, or just one that was like this.
    I like to use it sometimes.Now I am a widow, so the chair is mine.

  5. Wonderfully said!

    He sits at the righthand of God making intercession for us night and day. We have only to come to Him for everything.

    Ironically, some may still insist on carrying burdens because they often don't know they can carry everything to Him in prayer and then leave it at His feet.

    Like you, I bless Jesus for His suffering so that I didn't have to. He bore the wrath that I, that we, were worthy of. Exchanging His righteousness for our filty rags doesn't seem much like a fair trade. But I am so thankful that He made that decision otherwise we'd still be lost in our sin.