Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday morning blues?

Well-I was away for a relaxing weekend in Charleston, SC. We saw the festival of lights on James Island (beautiful), walked on the magnificent new bridge, and walked all over delighting in the old homes and gardens. We also had romantic candlelit dinners and quiet talks and times of reading books we brought and books we bought in Charleston. Now I am adjusting back to a normal Monday morning!!! I can not seem to get awake!!! The weather here is supposed to be in the 70's all week/ this is definitely weird.
Quote from one of Yancey's books I read this weekend: "Grace teaches us that God loves because of who God is, not because of who we are."
Thank Him for his grace. So thankful daily for this! it is good to examine our lives--to sit back and reflect on ,am I doing and being what Christ wants---am I following him and listening to him in my daily living. You know when you go away (even for a weekend) and then come back home it makes you come at your life as one coming from outside of your life--you kind of see your life and town and home as through a camera lens. Sometimes we are so involved in just living , we don't have time to access or think about our lives as viewed by Christ.....but, I guess that is why it is important to spend time daily with Him and listening to Him and His promptings.
I also like O'Driscoll's thoughts on Nicodemus and how it applies to me/us:
"Suppose that you have carved out your place in society, that you are secure in your lifestyle and in your view of the world. Then suppose you meet somebody who challenges every aspect of who you are, what you have done, and all you hope for............................Jesus has said many times to anyone who will listen that if we want even to glimpse the kingdom of heaven we have to rediscover the child within ourselves and look at reality through this child's eyes, recapturing what has been lost, things such as trust, love, innocence , a sense of boundless possibility.............But what do we mean by 'understand'? How much do any of us really understand the terrible and beautiful mysteries of Christian faith? Times without number, when we act on some principle of Christian faith, we do so without understanding. It is as if something moves us, guides, us, takes us, and we follow."
picture if from flikr--I have to get mine developed ;-)


  1. NannyKim,
    I am so happy for you that you got away for a nice relaxing week end !!
    Your reflections on your life caused me to reflect on my own... and I'm not so sure I like what I see totally..
    Am I always doing what He requires of me?
    and I am afraid that the answer would have to be No!!
    and the solution is as you said.. we need to spend more time DAILY with him talking to Him and most importantly Listening to Him!!
    thanks for the reflective post!!

  2. Hi Nannykim, So glad to hear you had a nice weekend. I've never been to Charleston, but would love to go to see the beautiful old houses!

    What a lovely post -- we don't always take the time to really reflect on our lives. This season is so hectic, that we often lose sight of the real reason!

    Is it really in the 70's there? Hope you get some more Christmas-like weather soon!

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I get the same way. Sometimes I come home so thankful for my little life and other times I get the blues. I am so happy that you had such a beautiful weekend and I am so thankful that you are so in tune with the Lord. I am sure Christ is pleased with the way you are living your life, you are a great wife, mother and grandmother and you are such an inspiration to all of your blogger friends! I know that you Love the Lord and you serve Him and worship Him daily. Cling to that, don't let the enemy rob you of your joy with Christ!

    In Him ~ Sharon