Thursday, December 6, 2007

post office blues!!

I was mailing these two guys to some sick friends when lo and behold what should happen at the post office!!!!????? READ BELOW!!

Man --I was ticked (;-))-or tickled or WHATEVER ;-)--the other day I went to the post office to mail an item. They wouldn't accept my cash because they had run out of change [and what kind of business has no change???] so I charged it. Today I went to the same clerk and he would not accept my credit card because I hadn't signed the back---I had written "photo id required"--he said the us postal service has a policy not to accept credit cards like that that were not signed. I pointed out he had accepted it the other day---his response was he didn't recall that!! He said he could debit my account!! I said no thanks, will you accept cash, and he did. This other guy here has had the same problem and he signed his in front of the person with pencil ,"Donald Duck", and they didn't check it--and they accepted it----I should have just said that my name was "See photo id" and that it was my signature!! sheeese! What if I had just scribbled a signature that was illegible like so many do??? It is soooooo funny how the government makes rules that are really nonsensical---I mean ,I can go online and order the same postage for mailing and use my non signed card!! lol But I do not mean to complain--it just was ironic--funnily (my word) so!


  1. Hi Nannykim,
    I sure do like your header! :0)
    I guess whenever we go to the post office we will have to take cash, and credit card... and a blank check !! ha ha
    Congratulations on the wonderful news from your daughter.... I think that is absolutely wonderful!!!
    that news is the only Christmas Present you will need...
    blessings to you and yours...

  2. I've had this same thing happen at the post office. Not the not accepting cash, but they wanted me to sign my credit card, and it already said please ask for my ID.

  3. LOL! I had the same thing happen at the post office and thought how dumb you just watched me sign it RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! But she still checked my signature against my signature on my card. Did she really think it might not match?!?!? Silly rules!