Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The law

ps 119:129 Your testimonies are wonderful;therefore my soul keeps them.130 The unfolding of your words gives light;it imparts understanding to the simple

For many years the law seemed like something negative--often in Christianity we see law as a negative thing and grace as a positive thing. Now grace is always positive!! But as I have been reflecting I have seen the rich beauty in the laws God has given---they truly are given for our good . When I have followed His instruction , life is much more beautiful (even in the trials), but when I have gone against His instruction ,all kinds of havoc have resulted!! I am reflecting back on my many years as a Christian as I say this---I became one when I was 16 and am now 54. As I look back on all of the years.....I see as never before, the beauty of his laws---they are meant to give us a freedom of living and He knows what things bring joy and wellness to our souls and lives. How beautiful are His commands.....I can say now!


  1. I have a love hate relationship with the law sometimes. I've almost never been able to understand David's excitement about it (especially considering how many more laws he had to follow!). But I can see how wonderful it is to know God's will for our lives.

  2. I agree. It is the same way, but on a smaller scale with raising our children, we have all kinds of laws and rules set up for their safety and protection because we love them. God loves us so much and I am thankful for his laws.

    :0) Sharon

  3. by becoming His servants and following His laws.we are freed from the sin that is holding us back for a truly joyous life with Him...
    this is a very thought provoking post...
    thanks Nannykim,

  4. This is exactly what He has been teaching me this year... to love His law! It is such a gift of love that He provides us with these boundaries to keep us safe and help us to become all that we can be. It's something I had to learn for myself though... maybe it's getting to that half century mark that does it? ;-)