Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Bookworms run in the family and the above little poo has joined! When she was only 10 months old she would pick one book after another for me to read. One day she wanted a particular book --a pop out book about Joseph. I got so tired of reading it that I hid it among 20 other books. What did she do? She got up and searched through all of the books until she found it and then handed it back to me!! LOVE IT!

Love this quote from Kierkegaard--this surely relates to Advent and the coming of Christ: "When it is a question of a sinner He does not merely stand still, open his arms and say, 'Come hither'; no, He stands there and waits, as the father of the lost son waited, rather He does not stand and wait, He goes forth to seek, as the shepherd sought the lost sheep, as the woman sought the lost coin. He goes--yet no, He has gone, but infinitely farther than any shepherd or any woman, He went, in sooth, the infinitely long way from being God to becoming man, and that way He went in search of sinners."


  1. I love the quote about Christ...how difficult and lonely His life must have been...not even understood by his closest friends, yet he never lost site of the goal and always loved in the meantime.

    I hide books from Rhianwen too. But I got smart and hid them in the cracks of the couch or way up high somewhere :) I pulled out Where in the World Is Henry the other day after a loooong respite, and it's back in her list of top faves.

  2. OH what a doll your grandaughter is. She is a serious pancake maker.

  3. Nannykim,
    I was going to E-Mail you and try to tell you how to fix your header so that the words will come out below the picture... but I couldn't find your E-Mail address on your profile page...( you have to set up more widget spaces)

    go to "customize"
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    scroll down to div id = header wrapper
    change max widgets from '1' to '4'
    and showaddelement = 'no'
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    if this doesn't make sense E-Mail me... I will write the instructions and have my daughter check them and E-Mail back to you...
    My e-Mail address in on my profile page or on my side bar....