Friday, January 16, 2009

Love Dare Day 11, Day 12 and Oneness too

I am sitting here in SC on a cold morning (the picture above, however was taken on a ferry in Seattle). Anyways, back to the subject....I am smiling with contentment---my fire is on and the birds are coming to my window feeder a yard from where I sit. One titmouse just kept staring at me.

I am learning a lot about relationship these days. I think one of the main things I have been reflecting on is the oneness of a marriage relationship. I have always known that God says we become one and let no one put this asunder etc. I felt that real oneness immediately when we celebrated our marriage night. But I never reflected more fully on some of the side issues involved. THE MAIN thing I have been thinking on the past few days is that this ONENESS means that if I hurt my spouse I am hurting myself. Whatever I do---positive or negative--it directly affects me. (to a broader extent it relates to the church and my relationship to it also). So If I am getting angry , for example, it is hurting me and it is as if I am angry at myself. It is like the whole body analogy. If my toe is hurting my whole body hurts and feels it and I need to fix it! The same with my spouse---I need to treat my spouse as part of me.

In day 11 we were challenged to cherish our spouse. I had a hard time of thinking of something practical to show this---but I think one main way is to pray daily, often, fervently, through-out the day for him and for his various needs. The book by Omartian--The Power of a Praying Wife-- has so many helpful prayers and ways to pray for our hubbies!! So that is what I will use through-out the day (often keep this in the bathroom since I go there through-out the day ;-)

Day 12 is about demonstrating love by giving in to your spouse in an area of disagreement. Well, right now there is nothing we are disagreeing on---usually with us, it is small petty things--so I will keep this in mind. I hate putting this down , because then It will providentially PROBABLY be tested soon ;-) .


  1. Very nice post! I had one of those nights where I forgot about oneness with my hubby. Great reminder in your post.

  2. Good reminder! Thanks for sharing these thoughts with us.

  3. I like your "Love Dare" thoughts. This seems to be a great marriage builder and something all marriages could use... one can always make it better. Great insight here!

  4. Nice post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you seeking your information.