Sunday, January 11, 2009

Alden Baptism/ papa Birthday/ love dare 7

This was a very sweet weekend. We celebrated a baptism, birthday, and of course Love Dare number 7. Here is Alden waiting for church to start--he always wants to stand (and he is only 5 months!)

He is wearing an old baptimal dress in which his dad and grandad were baptised.

He loves his sister and she was being a sweetie.

He loves his Daddy.

The family was sitting waiting for church to start. Uncle Averett was here, too.

There were a total of three boys being baptized. Alden's name means wise protector.

Here is Rhi with grandpa.

Just being her sweet self.

She was excited to be sitting on the steps that go up to the pulpit, after the service!

Here is Grandmama Ruth enjoying the day.

We had some great pea soup and fruitcups and homemade bread and tea (and some had chicken salad as well!!)

Alden loved all of the people--he was very happy!!

It was Wally's Mom's Dad 's(the greatgrandpa of Alden) birthday--he was 88 today!!

The greatgrandma cut the cake. She gave everyone huge pieces, but she cut herself a tiny piece. There was lots of joking about that!

Rhi said the chocolate was WONDERFUL---as you can tell by her expression. Family is such a blessing and times of special occasions are so delightful. It is wonderful to see many generations who love the Lord and to look foward to many more generations that will enjoy God.
Today was also LOVE DARE number 7. (I haven't seen the Fireproof movie--but this Love Dare book is GREAT). Today spoke of 2 rooms in our hearts. The appreciation room where thoughts go when you encounter positive and encouraging things about your spouse. A second room is the Depreciation Room--on its walls are written things that bother and irritate you about your spouse. This chapter talks about love choosing to dwell in the appreciation room . Our assignment today was to get two sheets of paper. On one we had to write the postive things about our spouse and on the other the negative things. (We will use these in the future on other assignments) . Today we had to pick one of the positive things and let our spouse know we appreciated this in them. Also we were asked which list was easier to make and what did it reveal about your thoughts.
I love the practicalness (is that a word?) --of the assignments!!


  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful time together. Those kids are just too adorable. Great pictures. The love dare 7 is a good one...sometimes hard for me to overlook all that stuff that nags me about him :)
    I will have to read back over some of the others that you have posted. I am waiting for Fire Proof to come out on dvd. I have heard that it is great.

  2. Your grandkids are absolutely gorgeous! And it looks as if you had a beautiful time.

    Re: your comment on my blog, chia seeds are similar to flax, except that they are smaller and supposedly have even more of the "good stuff"--Omega 3 fatty acids and protein. You could just substitute more flax for the same effect. :)

  3. What sweeeeet babes.

    I just love that a 5 month old wants to stand up!!!

    I got the Love Dare book for Rich for Christmas
    We'll be doing it also

    smiles, Deena

  4. It was Wally's mom's dad's birthday :) I really need to read that book but as it says in the very beginning, you must commit to doing it all! Very hard.

  5. Thanks for popping in to see me and my sock monkey's for Show & Tell Friday !!! that was a great post all filled with many blessings. Hope all is well. i also wanted you to know I left Facebook due to , too many conflicts with my family members who made it not so fun to go to. sooo, I shall just see ya here in blogland, Hugs, Mica

  6. These pictures look like Norman Rockwell scenes! I love your sweet family! What a beautiful day for everyone! Your grandkids are so cute! You are very blessed!

    Hugs, Sharon

  7. What precious pictures for a very special day.