Friday, January 30, 2009

How old sites make me feel

I have shown this pic before--but it was a good pic for what I wanted to post about. DON'T YOU ALL GET A STRANGE FEELING THAT COMES OVER YOU WHEN YOU GO TO AN OLD SITE??? WELL, I WAS reading in a book that Grandpa wanted me to get--just a fiction book by Phillis Whitney. She wrote something that describes just what I FEEEEEEL:

"In this place the sense of everything going on and on that I had felt before came again: a fleeting awareness that human pain mattered for less than a moment's breath in time--that others had suffered long before me, and would suffer long after. In a moment my universe would center around me again, as every man's must, but for this little while I was detached--part of a larger picture. There was something freeing about the experience."

That was just how I feel!!! at an old site I realize how connected I am with all of those who have gone before and those that will come after me. I realize how small one human is--a speck---or part of a much larger picture. ......and that is freeing. It also gives me a slightly different perspective on God's ways in history.

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