Sunday, March 30, 2008

Grandpa's 80th birthday

Grandpa (or should I say, Geatgrandpa) celebrated his 80th birthday on Saturday. He wanted to go to a little Latino restaurant. Grandpa teaches Spanish speaking people English. He loves this little restaurant and his request was to eat here. AND we were really surprised at how great the food was. Here is the cook and owner with Grandpa and the greatgrandkid ;-) They had this jute box that played Spanish music--the lady played a song that was about a birthday.
She made a special dish for Rhianwen--of rice and beans. She loves cukes and tomatoes too!

We had some tamales (spelling??) in corn husks--delicious. We also had some fresh guacamole dip. There were also different kinds of tacos and for dessert-flan!! It was wonderful (and gluten free---yes---a cake I can eat!)

Grandpa was very full, as were we all.

We also had a wonderful melon drink--it tasted like honeydew! So this little hole in the wall had some really neat food. Everyone spoke Spanish---since I didn't know any, I just listened and smiled! But now I know where I can get some gluten free food--I just will have to bring my hubby to place the order!!


  1. Oh it was such a wonderful family time and birthday! Thanks for your comment on my blog I appreciate it. Yes, I am not sure why my daughter wants to do medicine but it is a dream come true for her so...

  2. That such a cute picture of him at the end! I bet he had a wonderful time. I LOVE flan!


  3. That looks like a wonderful meal! We have a little Mexican restaurant in our town that is very authentic and we love to go there.

  4. What a lovely party! He does not look 80 to me at all!!!! I thought he was about 65. What a fun time!

  5. Now that is awsome. He sure looks younger. I bet the food was great. I just love Flan.

  6. what a great birthday..and great grandpa looks great!!!
    I grew up in Albuquerque, New I love mexican food...
    I also love the sonogram picture of your new grandson on your are the sonograms clear now...
    and to think when I had my did not know if you were having a boy or girl or what condition they would be in until they were born...
    what wonderful progress!!!

  7. Happy Birthday to Grandpa. All that food is making me hungry, especially since it's lunch time here.

    You never visit me and leave a comment any more. You must be mad at me. I thought that was all settled and behind us.

  8. Hi again, Kim,

    I'm proud of you for taking a week away from the computer. I need to do that, too. Well, actually I did take five days off right before Easter and a couple of days after. I'm sure you enjoyed your grandchild. Nothing like grandchildren.

    Yes, I'm still on blood thinner. I hate being on that. I shaved my legs today. Cut my leg on the razor, and it bled and bled. Plus I stay cold a lot. I hope to be able to get off it soon.

    I appreciate your continued prayers, Kim.


  9. It sounds delicious! The photos from this post and the prvious one were AWESOME!


  10. Oh I just love that little finger, stuck smack in the center of that inviting tomato!

  11. this little hole in the wall

    Hahahaha! As well seasoned a description as the food.

    ¡Feliz cumpleaƱos, Greatgrandpa!

  12. What a nice birthday celebration...the food looks and sounds delicious. Glad you found some things you could enjoy too. Linda

  13. Happy birthday great grandpa, he looks great for 80!


  14. Congratulations to Grandpa! Looks like you had lots of fun. Here in Texas we have loads of Tex-Mex restaurants...more than anything else except, maybe, barbecue, and most are very good. In fact, I often cook Mexican dishes.

  15. Nice party! I would love some tamales and guacomole!


  16. Happy Birthday Grampa. We are about to celebrate my MIL's 79th.