Saturday, March 1, 2008

30 days/ day 15/ doing better

Doing much better with the ole back. Was able to do some shopping with hubby and get some work done around the house. A spring wreath (at last) too. Hopefully my back will continue to improve--the muscle that was pulled on the right feels fine, but the si joint on the left is still giving problems. However I can now move around!!
Pray for Erin--she only has a 10% chance to live as of today--14 year old -updates can be found at


  1. I'll bet it feels good to get out again!!!! Glad you're up and about!!

  2. I hadn't heard anything about Erin today. My heart hurts for that family and yes, I will pray! Jen

  3. Hi Kim,

    Your Spring wreath is pretty. No, my doll doesn't walk in answer to the question you left on my blog.

    I just prayed a prayer for Erin that the Lord will heal her of this terrible disease.

    Kim, where does this little girl live? Do you know? Reason I'm asking I saw the Vanderbilt sign on the sidebar of the site you referred me to. I take it she is in Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. She could be there and still not live in Tn.

  4. I am so thankful that you are feeling better! Thanks for stopping by Show and Tell yesterday - re your comment on the snowmen. I have to wait for my computer guru, Kristen, to have time to make my changes. I'm totally illiterate as to how to make these changes. I hope she can get my spring look up someday - but for now, we're stil up for more winter, I am sure. 74 degrees today with snow forecast tomorrow. Crazy place we live!

  5. Glad you back is on the mend...and able to go out shopping...
    will continue to pray for Erin and her family...
    My heart breaks for them...

  6. Glad you are on the mend. Your Spring wreath is a shot of sunshine :-) Rosie

  7. Your Spring wreath is so pretty. I am so glad to hear you are up and about more!

    It is so sad about Erin, I'm still praying. God can work mighty miracles.


  8. Glad you are feeling better. I am so saddened about Erin.
    I am having a real hard time being gluten free. It is very frustrating to me and eating just does not seem to be worth the effort anymore :( I am trying to keep my head up.

  9. Love the wreath and hope you continue to get better.

  10. I would love to have a wreath as pretty as yours on my front door. The thing is, I'm afraid the wind would blow it pieces. Maybe I should buy a cheap one I could part with. Any suggestions?

    How sad for Erin and her family. The Lord bless them all.

  11. I'm glad you are feeling better. Your spring wreath is gorgeous! I love blue and yellow together.
    To answer your question about the resale store, it's like a big Goodwill.