Saturday, March 15, 2008

30 days/ day 29!! LIGHT

This is a picture of a fire we had last night (tonight, on the other hand, is stormy--windy, tornado watches, thunder). But this fire symbolises the day of reflection I have had and it is a good picture for some thoughts on Light from a book I've been reading.
" If God is the perfect light of the world, imperfection has placed a kind of veil upon how we see that light. The light still shines, despite the imperfections of our seeing."
"We know that it has been so since that first moment when humanity, through the tempter Satan, drew the veil of haze over God's brilliant perfection. We know this to be so."
"To restore the light, Jesus underwent the full anguish of darkness. None could know this more profoundly: to experience, as the perfect light, the perfect darkness; to know separation from God so thoroughly; to plumb the deepest sea of darkness so that he could build a bridge out of it for us."
"The cross of Jesus Christ--this ugly thing stuck up like a scarecrow in the center of our religion--tells us of a love so fierce, so determined...that its bearer is willing to be humiliated and tortured and bewildered and, for a time, to be dead."

Praise God for the Light of God; Praise him that though we see sometimes as through a veil, that we can know the Light---Praise him for the greatness of His love , that He ,the light, underwent the anguish, the separation for us. Praise him for salvation, for being born anew into that Light. to be temples of the Holy Spirit, to be sealed by Him, to walk in newness of life, to experience full and true life, and to know that it is never, never ending. AMEN


  1. Day 29!!! There is "light" at the end of the tunnel for you!

    Great post. He has been dealing with me lately on being salt and light!


  2. There have been several really wonderful posts today, leading into Holy Week. Have a wonderful week!