Thursday, March 13, 2008

30 days/ day 27 Blessings about Erin

I had to share this about this 14 year old (ERIN) who we've been praying for and who died this week. This was posted by her Dad at

"I heard some great news last night from Brian. There were 47 people saved and 43 rededications at the meeting held in Erin's honor at the Crossroads Youth at Higher Ground! To God be the Glory! I know Erin is so happy in Heaven this morning! To hear things like this lifts me from the valley of despair and sets me high on a mountain of Joy! I am so proud to say that I am Erin's dad! I have been blessed just to be able to call her daughter! Erin, I love you so much Honey! Jesus, thank you!! I Know God is still using Erin's sickness to touch people in this city and around the country! Please continue to pray for our family. I have been dreading the next few days knowing from the past experience of losing my Dad in 1992. I want this Friday to not be a sad funeral, instead I want it to be a celebration of Erin's Life! I had no idea of the impact that skinny little girl of mine could have on her friends and this community. I pray that God get's all the Glory! I hope everyone didn't think that Tuesday nights update would be the last. I'll continue to post to this site as long as the Lord lays it on my heart to do so! I am sure Kimberly and Brian feel the same. I couldn't sleep again this morning and I woke up with all these words going through my head. I want to again thank everyone for their Prayers and comments they leave here. It's like an ointment for my aching heart to read your lovely words of condolence. Thanks everyone! Thank you Lord!
Chris (an Angel's dad)"

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  1. It is so sad that she died. Oh my goodness, she was just alive and healthy and then started getting sick, just like a lot of people, only she continued to decline until it took her. Unbelievable. I pray for her family, my heart goes out to them, it is so terribly sad. But it is nice to know she is in heaven and that a lot of people got saved because of her story.