Monday, March 10, 2008

30 days/ day 24

This is Boots, the vomit culprit of yesterday's post. He loves being near me and you can see he has made himself at home on my Bible and notes!! Today the vet called me to remind me of the cat's appointment. They called when I was looking through old medical records of Cat scans, MRI's, and ultrasounds.
So when they said this is Dr. Strickland's office calling about your appointment for the cat, I thought they meant for the CAT SCAN!!! I said you must have the wrong number! Anyways it took quite a few minutes for me to realize it was the vets office!! lol

Got this book in the mail today--it was originally written in the 1600's. It is based on Proverbs 4:23--I like what it says in the intro (not written by the author)-

"The unseen is as real and as important as the seen world, but the physical world intrudes and often dominates our lives. We all struggle with busyness and feel the need to be productive. In today's society doing is valued and sitting and reflecting is not valued. Which is better? Scripture gives us Jesus' assessment in the example of Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42). The inner life must be looked after, and this requires time. It takes time to examine our hearts--to make judgments about ourselves, to examine our motives, to examine what we really love and to build a relationship with God."

The book should be interesting--I wonder how much we can really know our own motives---all I can say is , thank God for the Lord Jesus Christ!.


  1. That is a good quote. I wish I could put it into practice more, but when I do get the time I use it, well...look at your blog?...!:)

  2. Cat barf is something I know all to well...unfortunately. I had a cat who looked very much like your Boots. Sorry about the blogger problems. I haven't tried paragraphs in a while. Oh well....what can you do??? Have a good day!!!!!!

  3. Oh, how can you be mad for long at that darling cat??? He is so cute! That book sounds really good!

    :0) Sharon

  4. Yum !! J/K cute kitty. let me know if ya want to meet for tea or coffee when you come visiting Redmond.... only if you have the time. hugs, Mica

  5. Boots is a sweetie! I hope the belly woes have passed. :-) Rosie

  6. the book looks really interesting...
    and I'm sure Boots will love to snuggle up and keep you company while you read it...:0)
    glad you got your cat appt. and your CAT SCAN's straightened out before you found yourself having another CAT SCAN..:0) {{smile}}

  7. Boots just wants to be next to God too. CAT SCAN - that's funny! examine our motives...

    I was just reading in 'My Utmost for His Highest' about understanding that it takes more than just believing in God. It takes the deep motive of the heart to trust. But only a changed motive can trust in God. A changed motive comes from a changed heart.

    Sounds like an intriguing book. I like something with substance.

    sending hugs

  8. I love the quote on our inner life! So true and important! But so often neglected as our outer world dominates our sight.

    That is funny about the cat scan!

    Happy day!


  9. Remarkable, really, that quote. Sounds like it could have been written yesterday.

  10. Have you gone into HTML in Blogger to make paragraphs happen? And have you tried for uploading pictures?

    Yucky! I was going to post some bear poop last summer that we saw in the mountains, but chickened out. I should have!

  11. I just love old books! Love your kitty... resintg on God's Word. ;O)

  12. Oh, your Boots looks so much like my Tux!

    Very thought-provoking quote concerning things unseen and the inner life. Thank you for bringing this book to our attention.