Sunday, March 9, 2008

30 days/ 21-23

Well--you can guess what this picture is --yup cat barf. Why am I showing this? That's what I had to deal with on Friday after driving through terrible storms to get my son home for spring break. ;-) ---I know I am suppose to post every day for 30 days--but for some reason I have had trouble with blogger. If this picture comes out, it is because I posted it from picassa--blogger would not post it. I couldn't visit the other bloggers for show and tell--which I planned to do Saturday--it let me through to 2. I gave up. I did finish the afghan!

The Wind was awesome on Saturday--40 mile gusts--really quite beautiful. Great gram is hanging in there---she has been very tired, but today she was not feeling the pain much when lying and sitting--trying to walk was another matter.

Church was blessed. Again and Again I am so thankful for worship, for fellowship, for the glory of God.
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  1. Ick and laughing! Part of owning pets, though. Jen

  2. Oh yeah......been least you didn't step in it in your stocking fett.....oh yeah.....been there, too!

    ((hugs)) Rosie

  3. Lol. I was having the most awful day the other day and I went into the kitchen and noticed watery liquid on the diner looked like cat spit with bits of cat food in. Now our cat likes to sleep on top of the boiler which is encased in a cupboard with an open top to hide the boiler. I tentatively open the cupboard door and there it is, the biggest splat of cat sick ever. Gross!


    Sarah x

  4. Yucky! I have cleaned up the very same thing so many, many times. It is not a pleasant job! I have learned a good way is you get a big plastic baggy, put it over your hand and then pick up the vomit/poop/whatever and then turn it inside out and throw it in the garbage and then scrub the area. It works pretty good.

    I hope you have a better day!

    :0) Sharon