Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring already??!


Hmm, today is the first day of Spring and I didn't realize it!! It has felt like Spring most of this winter!!  We spent the weekend in Charleston , SC and I did not take pictures because I kept leaving my camera in the house! Ah well. We celebrated my husbands birthday and met with my 2 sons . They got to have some home made pasta at a restaurant in Mount Pleasant, while I had to have polenta since I am Gluten Free. It is not quite as nice as having a bowl of pasta, ya know! But I am thankful we got to celebrate another year in my hubby's life.  Here is hoping things will slow down a bit for him.

I am thankful for the season of Lent and a season to reflect on our lives. Sometimes it is a difficult thing. I like what my Grandson does. My daughter has Popsicle sticks with names of those they pray for on them. If he picks one with his siblings and his own name on it he will thank God for them and "for myself". Ha! I never thought of really thanking God for myself.---but it is probably a good idea!


  1. That's an interesting idea, thanking God for myself, kids are smarter than us sometimes.
    Enjoy the Spring weather!
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. I think we went straight from sort of winter? into summer!!..Love the idea of the popsicle sticks... What do you do when you go to Charleston? Unfortunately hubby and I have only been down there for MUSC but after his surgery I would love to go back there because I hear so many great things about it!

    1. You asked about Charleston--There are often musical things going on there, there is also a little theater with live performances, there are tours which are very interesting--you can take bus or horse drawn carriage tours. There is a tea plantation you can visit and a rice plantation. There are old plantations you can tour. There are boat tours and there is a boat tour out to Fort Sumter. There is a ship type museum with an air craft carrier and sub and something else. There is also the old huntly Sub that you can now see at another place. There is an art museum and an aquarium. There are individual house tours also. There are lots of different restaurants--so there is always something to do. We sometimes just like walking around (which you guys couldn't do! There is also Fort Fisher--a historical site, and there are beaches within ten minutes.

  3. Your grandson is smart! We have to love our selves first, before we cn love(or be thankful for) others!
    I love Charleston, lived there 30 years ago, while my husband was in the Navy. Actually lived in Ladson, and I remember the azaleas in Summerville, and at Middleton Plantation were incredible! I imagine my palmetto tree, which I planted in the front yard is really something by now! Ah, lots of fond memories!

  4. Beautiful Pics! Except that alligator! lol Your grandson is so sweet!