Monday, March 5, 2012

I need help!!choosing flooring, giving thanks

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 I give thanks for the glorious sunset we had the other night. I am always astounded at the beauty of the sky, aren't you?

Sometimes it is just so beautiful you can't help shouting about it--kind of like when you go to see the fireworks, lol.

I am also thankful for these flowers--so cheerful and the bunchPhotobucketmade 3 different arrangements!

Last of all today I am thankful for this tiny computer that we have now as a backup. My other computer has been in the shop for 2 weeks because it needs a new built in mouse (it is a lap top). I could have bought an external mouse but then why have the convenience of a laptop. I hope the part they get fixes it--the computer is a Dell and is only about 5 months old!!

Last of all I need to choose some flooring for the bathroom and kitchen. We have chosen some for the porch--we needed tile there since there is too much moisture from the condensation we get from the windows.

HELP--the problem with the kitchen and bathroom is we had vinyl and it has tons of slits from when a guy came and removed the wall paper using a ladder with sharp pointed ends!! There were already some major problems with these floors so we didn't make him pay for all the damage. HOWEVER now we find there are limited selections for vinyl.  I wanted something similar and can't find it. I really didn't want tile here since it is hard on the feet and cold!  Do any of you have tile in your kitchen or bathrooms on the floor. Tell me WHAT YOU LIKE AND DON't LIKE!! please.  


  1. Hi NannyKim!
    I am new to your blog-I just hopped over from Oakview Cottage.
    I, too, am Nannie Kim to my g'children. Upon reading your profile, I realized we have more than our names in commen! I'm going to become a follower so I can drop in and visit and get to know you better!

  2. Hi Kim~
    I see you've just met Kim! ...ha ha, I think we all travel in the same circles around these blogs!

    I don't have tile in my bathroom...ehem, you know what I have- paper!

    So, I'm probably no help to you. But I will say, my floor had all kinds of icky problems before I covered it up.
    I'm pleased with my papered floor. But, I understand it's not for everybody.
    I'm using a borrowed pc right now too.
    The Green Monster is in the shop again!

  3. Love the flowers (o;
    The green vase is really cool!
    That guy should have known better than to have a ladder with sharp legs!!!
    I have older vinyl ... I would not want tile... I agree it is cold.

  4. Your flowers are lovely and the photos of the sky are magnificent!
    I had tile at one time, it was a little hard on my legs, but I put a rug in front of the areas where I spent most of my time.

  5. In our townhouse we redid the bathrooms upstairs totally. We had tile floors. I had those big fuffy bath rugs in areas in front of shower/tub, sink etc so I did enjoy the entire look of my beautiful bathroom. One con is tile in the bathroom is slippery! Hence the rugs. You are not in a really cold climate so your floor would not be cold like in the NE etc, but with a/c that also would be a con. My personal love is wood floors in the kitchen, so charming. We now have vinyl but are considering doing a bleached wood floor since we are repainting the kitchen. I personally don't like tile in the kitchen, but then I am thinking of those large squares and small tiles would look much different on a kitchen floor. All depends on the feeling you want your room to have and the cost you can afford. I personally love to look in Home Depot and dream, hehe. Good luck!

  6. Your pictures are gorgeous...I know what you mean about the sky sometimes being so beautiful you just want to shout!

    I have tile in my kitchen and bathrooms and I did in our last house too. I love it...very easy to clean and I've had no problems with it at all. The only suggestion I have about tile is that if you are going to have it...get some with a rough texture. Our master bath has white tile that isn't textured and when it is wet, it is slick. We are going to replace it when we do our bath later this year (with more tile-just textured tile).

  7. Love all the flower photos!

    We have peel and stick tile in the kitchen and it's still looking great after 10 years. I wouldn't put ceramic tile in a kitchen. I think it's tiring to stand on a hard surface when you drop something. I like wood in a kitchen. I do like tile in bathrooms just because it seems resistant to moisture but I know a couple of people that have use engineered wood and seem happy with it.

  8. Loved your awesome sunset pictures!
    You made some pretty arrangements with those flowers!
    I am typing with my 19 month old grandson on my lap--
    I'm your newest follower, and I hope youi hget your computer straightened out!
    May you be blessed!