Saturday, December 27, 2008

Adults and Children MIX it up with TEA and FORTS

We had a lovely time visiting the grands and playing like children.......that is the fun part of having kids get to play with all of the toys and pretend again!! Rhi opened her tea set and we had loads of fun with this ---only she insisted on serving coffee. (now her mom drinks tea soooooo she will have to teach Rhianwen that Tea also can be served!)
Wally tried to read the Italian on this box, but he had to resort to the English version---this was from My hubby's bro and wife and it was a raisin/bread/cake thingy from Italy. We were reading how to serve it and it said to put it in a warm place for a while so it could basically spring to life. It looked great and was nice and soft and enjoyed by all (except for me--since I have to be gluten free---I just looked on in Envy---just kidding???)
Rhi loved this little child's accordion and she got it making some swing music.

Yup, she likes the Italy cake thingy!!

She played with these little babes---they are to keep kids busy when going places.

The new Tupperware toy--which we all love playing with.....even after all of these years!!

Pretend coffee for Uncle Skip with grandpa (who was sick along with the grands--all had colds) looking on.

ALden loved all the action!!!

The guys had to use ALL of the LINCOLN LOGS to build a high tower for Rhi to knock over---however she didn't want to----instead she handed potato man's hand to her Dad and asked him to knock it over......which he enjoyed doing!

Then there were multiple fort building opportunities

And Alden had to watch

He is 5 months and can balance a while on his own!

Knocking down forts is half of the fun.

The walled in room was waiting to have a knock down!!Tunnels had to be built and crawled into!!More forts had to be built!Naps in forts had to be experienced!Uncle's napping and having tea in a fort was a wonderful challenge.more tea or coffee/??? had to be served up!!And at the end of the day .....a long trip home and a visit to Greatgram in the nursing home. She was very happy and had Pneumonia---please pray for her recovery if you happen to read this. We took a new way home from NC since 95 was backed up forever!!! 701 was much nicer and we even found coffee for 5 cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your Christmas, through photos, with all of us in bloggerland! It looks like you had fun and that is a blessing indeed!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Great pictures. Looks like the grown up guys are having more fun with the toys than the little ones! How cute they all are :) I wish I had your willpower with the gluten free thing. I slipped up over the holidays and have been sick, sick, sick! I know it is a dangerous thing for me to taint my body with gluten but it is SO HARD! I just don't know how I can do this forever :( I am just miserable.