Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pre-Christmas escape

This was the view we enjoyed this weekend at Myrtle Beach. My hubby and I give this gift to each other before Christmas --a weekend romantic get away for total relaxation.
Normally we go to Charleston, SC. But there were wonderful deals on beach front hotels!! They were half the price of Charleston---and instead of just a room we got a suite--bedroom, kitchen and living room (sleeps 8) for 1/2 the price of a regular room in Charleston. We decided to sleep on the fold down bed which fits into the wall---it gave us this wonderful view. We even cracked the sliding doors on the balcony and could hear the waves on the beach as we slept.
One funny thing however! There is a lazy river pool that was a floor below our room. At 3 in the morning someone turned on something down there which made a huge rumbling noise and the people were talking very loudly over the noise. But it didn't last too long. There were some crazy kids that came one afternoon and they would run from the heated water, outside and into the cold outside water and then back into the heated water. It was in the low 50's so they would scream and hoot as they did this. There is a pirate ship that straddles these pools of water and they would run through the ship. It was quite funny.
We did get in a Christmas Carolina Opry show and an evening of candle light at Brookgreen Gardens. It was wonderful! We even got to see a dolphin this morning in the water right outside our window!! (however when we returned home the infamous neighbor's cat in the post below, managed to spray our second story window again for the zillionth time---what to do what to do???)


  1. That sounds so neat! We've been to Charleston but not Myrtle Beach.

  2. sounds like a wonderful time...
    it is always great to give yourselves a nice present like that one...

    as for the cat...I say call the vultures back and let them have a go at the cat!!!

  3. I just love Myrtle Beach... especially during the off season. Beautiful photos and sounds like a beautiful time too... have a great week!

  4. How wonderful you had such a good time! Our family lives in Charleston. ;)