Friday, December 5, 2008


The vulture below has just finished eating an entire squirrel entree. It was amazing to watch. Alas, I have a bird feeder out front near the road and every so often a squirrel who has partaken of the seed will get hit by a car. This morning one was hit. This vulture ate everything --skin, bones, and all! Then another vulture arrived, but all that was left was a few tiny tidbits.
What amazed me still further was the neighbors cat (seen below to the left). He had no fear of the birds and they were huge compared to him. You can't tell this by the photo. This is the same cat who climbs a tree and jumps on our roof and goes to the second story widow to spray his urine. We finally got him to stop doing this (which he did every day) by putting out moth balls on the roof next to the window!!!! UGH.

ohnnooooo. We went away on the weekend and when we returned the cat in this picture had sprayed the window again---inspite of the mothballs and studded nails around that second floor window!!! NOW what ????? will nothing stop this beast!!!


  1. Ha ha ha. That is great. I love cats. They are such arrogant asses.

  2. Oh my goodness. Those birds are really huge. It's terrible about the cat. I'm glad you were able to get him to stop that.

    Thanks for the info. about bread boxes. That was kind of you and very informative. Kathi

  3. I've got a solution for the cat-it involves a veterinarian and a little snip, snip!

  4. Wow, those vultures could have picked up the cat and taken him for a ride when they were through eating the squirrel...that would have solved your whole problem for you!!!
    love your Christmas decorations

  5. Maybe some foil around the window? Cats hate walking on it. Maybe the mothballs have little scent left? Also there are some essential oils too, that cats don't like. The trick would be reapplying regularly.