Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Wonderous Nancy DREW

I tell you all---I had such an enjoyable evening last night reading this old book. It was originally published in the 30's---although this copy was made in the 90's. I had picked this up at a library book sale and was going to give it as a gift. BUT when I went to wrap it I had to sit down and read it-----I got hooked after just a few pages.

It is delightful if you love mysteries---it brought back so many memories because this series is what began my love for mysteries. I remember going to my little old stone library in the town of Somers, CT. It had neat bay areas and the mysteries were lined up in one of the bay areas. I took out a Nancy Drew mystery (I believe in 3rd grade) and I got hooked on reading the whole series and from then on I couldn't be separated from books.

So reading this book brought me back to my childhood. It was fun to look at the old sketches in the book and think back to old times and old ways. pulling into a gas station and having an attendant pump the gas. Reading about George (a tomboy) and Bess and Nancy---old friends. I hope my granddaughter will one day get hooked"

Of course the book ends with a temptation to read another book: "Bess grinned. 'Didn't I always say that adventure follows Nancy Drew around?'

"And Bess was right, for another exciting adventure awaited her courageous friend, who very soon was to become involved in The Clue in the Diary." !!


  1. I don't think I have ever read a Nancy Drew book. How did I miss them? But I love to read some kids' books. I started out reading all the American Girl books years ago but then got away from them and I've read the Little House books many times. I'll have to look for Nancy in the library.

  2. I used to read Nancy Drew when I was at my grandma's house. So much fun. Recently I bought some Judy Blume books for some girls I knew. Couldn't help but do a quick re-read of them first.

    Glad you enjoyed yourself!