Thursday, December 4, 2008


I know....this picture has nothing to do with the coffee title. But these berries bring me so much holiday happiness. They are so alive so orange in color, so bright--what cheer they add......and that brings me to coffee. I had been off coffee for a month or so and did not feel I missed the taste because I substituted an apple cinnamon herbal tea with no caffeine. But I haven't felt awake---my head felt cloggy--brain dead---and I felt blue and lifeless----WOW all this from the lack of coffee. When I add a nice cup of coffee (even if 1/2 decaf) I feel so much better!! YIKES--but when I have a cup I desire more......I can't believe the difference a cup makes. WHAT is the matter with my body???? I mean I was probably off of it for one and a half months or so and never felt awake!!! Does anyone else have this problem? (I probably won't get any answers if I don't do some blog visiting!!)


  1. I'm a coffee addict :) I actually quit for almost a year due to it bothering my endo, but I went back.

    I was watching that day-time doctors call-in show (I'm never home during the day so I don't know what it's called) and they suggested having a cup of green tea instead of coffee. It still has caffeine to give you a perk but a lower dose and it's healthy.

    The mantel is gorgeous!

  2. I'm not a huge fan of green tea, but Lipton has one out now with orange in it also, and it's not half bad. It grows on you.

  3. I drink 2 cups of coffee every morning but if for some reason I don't have it it doesn't bother me. I can take it or leave it but I'd rather take it.
    About the ducks in my picture. They were walking out after being in the fountain in the lobby of the hotel all day. Each morning they march in, jump in the fountain and hang around there all day and then at night they march back out on the red carpet, get in an elevator and go to another floor where they "live". It's pretty neat. Everybody wants to be there for the ceremonial walking in and walking out. They're so cute.

  4. TJ--oh yes the tea with the orange is quite good.!

  5. yes-coffee is a wonderful perk, and i feel your pain with the lack of energy and mental fog from a lack of it!