Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cool things!

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When I saw this shelving paper at Walmart I fell in love. I love cheerful reds at this time of the year. I decided to use it for placemats!  There was enough for 7 so I will have to go back since I want 8. This is GREAT stuff because it is NOT PAPER>

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It meets my rooster's approval

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Yes, yes my table is messy because we are working on a puzzle:  photo IMG_6659.jpg ANYWAYS--it was such a pretty morning today:  photo IMG_6658.jpg It made me want to slow down [which I am very good at doing!]  photo IMG_6657.jpg I decided to get out my egg cup---YES YES YES, I love to eat a boiled egg this way ....I like mine hard boiled.  photo IMG_6655.jpg Here it is awaiting the egg. And then with the egg  photo IMG_6668.jpg You just take a regular knife and give it a few wacks where you want to remove the egg shell. You can look on youtube for a video--if I remember I will attach one at the end of this post. Then you dig in:  photo IMG_6669.jpg I ate mine at our big coffee table with some hot brewed tea---this is the cosy covering the pot  photo IMG_6672.jpg a distant photo ;-)  photo IMG_6677.jpg and my happy cup--I love the bright colors in this cup--plus it is a big one! photo IMG_6667.jpg The tea pot is an old favorite--thick and heavy made in England. This with the cosy keeps it nice and hot  photo IMG_6656.jpg Just wanted to add--I needed some juice cups so when I was at ole Walmart I found these!! AND they are made in the USA!!! I love their tones--the remind me of stained glassed windows---my photos won't do them justice:  photo IMG_6679.jpg Plus they stack nicely  photo IMG_6678.jpg I needed some index cards with the binding---the 4 by 6 ones. However the stores were not carrying them so I resorted to this next item which is actually almost as handy. I wanted a place to put prayers, Bible quotes and inspirational stuff to use while praying:  photo IMG_6675.jpg AND last of all I wanted to share something that is so warm and cozy---it is a fleece type sweater from Nordstrom's that I bought at Christmas time when they were on sale (online) --everyone said how warm and comfy and cozy they were and so RIGHT--not the best photo---I gotta get going!!  photo IMG_6688.jpg Here are directions for using egg cup:

and for the Nordstrom's fleece [today it is 39 dollars] go here 

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  1. It was nice to read a post that sounded so cheerful and happy! Most of us are in the glooms about winter and lousy weather and you seem to be perky! I needed that!

  2. What a cozy post, Kim! I love the red and white floral place mats ...very warm for winter! And I too love a boiled egg and muffin for breakfast! Love the blue and white dish and the pretty juice glasses. Cozy morning!

  3. Loved seeing all your fantastic finds.
    You have surrounded yourself with things that makes you smile. I like that.
    I especially like that Chicken! (rooster)

  4. What a great idea to use that shelving paper for placemats! Love the cheery pattern and color and that cute cup!

  5. Sometime, Rhianwen needs to have a sleepover at your place. She'd have so much fun with you and your special ways of eating food and relaxing! Hmm, maybe I could come too...Just the girls.