Monday, January 27, 2014

Artisan no knead bread - uh huh- and so forth [snow in the South!]

 photo IMG_6719.jpg Yes this is a nice crusty bread I made today in my dutch oven and it is so easy---you mix it up the night before and put it in the oven in the morning. [or you can mix it up in the morning and cook it in the evening ;-) . I found the recipe here with loads of tips   I made mine with WHITE WHOLE WHEAT flour---she made hers with regular white flour.  I have to wait until the evening to see what my guys think, as I am gluten free and can not eat it.

Hey hey-- I found a nifty ole pyrex pot to keep my coffee warm---it fits on my drip coffee maker. I make mine on the stove top and put it here to keep hot  photo IMG_6713.jpg Yes, I know I left the tea sign in there--I drink that too. I love this cup below--I am thinking I NEED to get this at some point, ha! photo 71e3fadl2L_SL1500_.jpg
 It can be found at Amazon here 

 So, so so-- I took out my old phone my family used in the 50's. It always reminds me of the movie called DIAL M FOR MURDER--s I put a photo about that to the side. Yes, I know this is unrelated!! but I did include an espresso cup!?!. photo IMG_6712.jpg I hope ya'll have a cozy day--we are supposed to get snow and ice starting tomorrow! NOTE--I live in SC near the coast--this does not usually happen. I just hope we don't loose electricity!  photo IMG_6711.jpg
I will try to post something tomorrow before it gets bad! If I don't visit you for a few days you will know why.

PS> The guys loved the bread--crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside.


  1. Your bread looks delicious, I hope the guys enjoyed it. I discovered that recipe last year and make it quite often. I love that old phone too! Hope you don't get too much snow. Sarah x

  2. I bet your bread was good! I wish we had our old phone like that! Kim, hope you keep warm before the bad weather comes along the coast! I'm really concerned about Charleston, SC with the snow and ice on the bridges tomorrow!

  3. Oh man, the artisan bread is so good, and making it in the dutch oven is SO GOOD. I loved it when I was able to eat it. Now that I am grain free it's just too tempting for me! I'm impressed that you can make it and not eat it! It looks fantastic. ~Angela~

  4. That bread.......yum!

    And that cute, cute monkey. If she goes missing, you needn't look far, Kim!