Friday, December 13, 2013

Elf-y's Newest adventures for the week

 photo IMG_6286.jpg Well here is what Elf-y has been up to this week:  photo IMG_6296.jpg Now He was not really, bad, you know? He just wanted to paper my hubby's little bathroom where he takes his morning shower. However  photo IMG_6298.jpg since this was a first time he got entangled in his own web---but at least at a nice resting place.  photo IMG_6299.jpg He is quite cheerful in spite of everything.  photo IMG_6301.jpg He did have some flight of fancy. After this episode he hid for a while in Nannykim's special cozy spot:  photo IMG_6304.jpg and Nannykim almost missed him!  photo IMG_6305.jpg He did take a short break with his fellow elves under the tree and they had some good chats:  photo IMG_6306.jpg  photo IMG_6307.jpg but then he needed to be back in action. He decided to dress up a bit and do some mirror decoration:  photo IMG_6322.jpg But as we all know there are some necessities of life:  photo IMG_6325.jpg ahhh, yes  photo IMG_6327.jpg and last but not least he had to help with a Christmas puzzle---Nannykim does need some help with this one!!  photo IMG_6356.jpg so all in all it was a busy week with bits of adventure for Elf-y  photo IMG_6357.jpg It is the small things in life that bring smiles; and Elf-y has made my hubby and I smile each morning!


  1. You are right, it is the small things in life that brings smiles! And Elf-y with a toilet paper roll for a hat was just as cute as could be :-)

  2. hahahaha! That was hilarious. Love these little Elf-y posts.
    they make me laugh right out loud.
    in another note...let me add- I love the couch in the sun-room with the cover and festive!

  3. Oh my goodness! He really gets around your house doesn't he?