Monday, December 2, 2013

elf is having fun/ here are some places he has been this week

 photo IMG_6137.jpg ..My husband and I have been having fun hiding elf-y in various places photo IMG_6139.jpg .We .each take some turns--I hide it at night and he hides it in the morning  photo IMG_6140.jpg .. .So these are a few of the shots I remembered to get! above elf-y spent the night in the FRIG!  photo IMG_6142.jpg. .He is ready to do the job  photo IMG_6143.jpg .and he didn't forget to smell the roses photo IMG_6153.jpg and .He is ready to light the fire--we have had some chilly mornings photo IMG_6155.jpg. .and tea or coffee is always nice photo IMG_6166.jpg Along with a read from I Corinthians 13 on love.  However right now he is hiding in a place where my hubby has not yet found him. So......he may be in the dark for a while!


  1. This is so cute, Kim! And I laughed out loud when I saw him wrapped in a "blanket" aka towel in the fridge.



  2. Hilarious! I think it is so sweet that you and your hubby are doing this little Elf activity...
    isn't retirement fun!?
    so cute... The little elf doesn't appear to be naughty either. He looks like he is enjoying the fun,too.

  3. I never thought about putting out an elf with no children in the house...why not? So cute!