Sunday, December 8, 2013

Elfy was freed!!! AT LAST

 photo IMG_6257.jpg Elf-y had been locked up hidden in the oatmeal box for DAYS!!! My hubby had not eaten oatmeal in the warm weather and then he had been traveling. FINALLY on Saturday after watching an old Columbo movie MY HUBBY could no longer take the fact that ELF-Y was MISSING; He searched High and Low in every room (driving me a bit nuts). Then he realized Elf-y must be IN something. After a bit, he found him (see my post below) Now Elf-y is celebrating being back out and about!  photo IMG_6265.jpg Yes, we do have a winter puzzle we are working on in the background.

1 comment:

  1. Hip Hip HuRRAH!

    So glad you freed poor Elfy! You guys are so funny! I love seeing him celebrate with the nativity set!

    I freed the Christmas sock monkey in a post today. I thought you might enjoy seeing what Cecelia gave me for Christmas last year. ;-)

    Pray for me today as we had to move the antique club ornament exchange here as one of the other hostesses got sick with flu and her child is sick. So we felt it wasn't smart to do it at her house. I hadn't done the first thing for Christmas, but I am going to focus on the dining room, library, and family room. Doing nominal decorating. Using cute everyday Lenox Christmas dishes, twiggy looking go in the dishwasher flatware, and a natural looking centerpiece on both tables. I hope this works!

    Putting up a small tree with ornaments that are everyone's initials, and they are each to find their initial on it and take it home as a party favor. I have toys out year round. ;-) Hung stockings, switched out the blue and white plates that are displayed for Christmas plates. So we should be good to go after today... I hope. Then we swap ornaments which is always a fun challenge!