Friday, December 6, 2013

Why elf-y remains in the dark

 photo IMG_6196.jpg My POOR elf-y has been sitting in the dark for days now, just waiting for my hubby to find him

 photo IMG_6195.jpg SHHHH, don't tell my hubby where he is!

 photo IMG_6194.jpg The Quaker Guy is smiling , knowingly, don't you think? He knows our secret well!  The weather here has been hot (mid to upper 70's ), plus my hubby has been the oatmeal and ELF-Y WAITS!!

Here is some Christmas music for you:

but this one below is more fun:


  1. I thought I had commented.. but I guess it didn't take so I'll try again...
    I love the music and the fireplaces add so much... I will try to make it play on my computer for the full time...

  2. That elf is so cute! I. Ought Mr. magpie a vintage elf from the 50's today. I could not resist!

    I love the songs! Thanks!



  3. How fun, I need one of those!

  4. I think you and this elf are having way too much fun together! lol

  5. This is certainly a cute one.
    I just saw this little guy at our local dept. store. But didn't buy one.
    But aren't they cute?
    You are certainly having fun with him. -Pat