Friday, November 22, 2013

Someone couldn't wait to come out!

 photo IMG_6133.jpg He just couldn't wait to come out today.....along with some others  photo IMG_6132.jpg Now , normally these individuals do not appear until after Thanksgiving!  photo IMG_6131.jpg But they were tired of being couped up!  photo IMG_6130.jpg They do make me happy  photo IMG_6129.jpg But for some reason I started craving a COKE, lol. Do you all think of these Santa's and coke?  photo IMG_6127.jpg Now this sign is fine for THANKSGIVING!!  photo IMG_6125.jpg I love my flannel sheets--HOWEVER the cooler weather is coming later in the week; today was actually in the 70's!  photo IMG_6126.jpg I love the pattern on these sheets . So TTFN  photo IMG_6134-1.jpg


  1. Love seeing this little guy come out of hiding!
    Can't wait to be seeing him all over the place...
    I DO think of Coca~Cola and Santa Claus. Thanks for the smiles!

  2. I'm craving a Coca-Cola right now after reading your blog, too! LOL!

    Glad you put your elf out and started decorating for Christmas. My sister-in-law puts ALL her Christmas decorations out ALL OVER her house (every room!) except her dining room for Thanksgiving dinner. I always enjoy being invited to her house as we eat a great meal and everyone goes on a Christmas tour after lunch! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I love seeing your elves coming out at Christmas - it's not far away now. I have been trying to find summer decorations for Christmas, most are aimed at a winter season. I have managed to find some summer Santa's but not much else. Oh well, I'll just keep looking.
    And yes, they do look like the Coke Santa's.