Thursday, February 28, 2013

More things that put a smile on my face

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 I am in love with pink carnations. I love the color as well as the smell--they last quite some time and simply make me very happy!  It is strange how flowers can really uplift our hearts. Why is that do you think?

 photo f68c8840-0760-461f-966c-d3bef4822469.jpg

There is something about pink, green and white that simply makes me happy. I love this old cup--and it surely is fun to have it full of little carnations.

 photo 8947cede-3457-43d2-8da4-a561acc55859.jpg

I know it may be strange, but I received this little pink chair from the previous owner of the place  where we now reside. It is so comfy--I do not think I would have ever purchased a PINK chair....but guess what??? I love it. Right now i have it in one of the corners of my dining room/ kitchen area and it is a nice sunny spot to sit and read the paper or a book while things are cooking and needing a watchful eye.

 photo ccad20ac-fa25-46b7-9560-2c5d9ba83074.jpg

I love this picture--it was a card from an ebay purchase and I loved it so much I hung it up next to my coffee maker. It makes me smile every time I get a cup (which is quite often).

 photo 76be930d-a283-422a-a396-bcdfe13362da.jpg

This is a picture that was left by the previous owner. I moved it to my kitchen--I am in a PINK mood! It replaces the one below for now:

 photo d59cc652-3e26-42cb-addd-94673efa4d93.jpg

Those are gluten free banana muffins which I and my son are very partial to--but I have to be careful because I can easily eat 3 a day which my waistline tells me is a fine mistake.

 photo 81b740b3-2ee0-4d71-ab08-3a1c32a119b2.jpg

I am enjoying my second blackboard. I have one in the bedroom too--I just love them---I always like to think about different things and quotes help me do this through out the day.

 photo 837992b0-c059-4b13-a46a-68e6bf7f232c.jpg
This is my little drink area. Some of my favorite cups for tea are these because they are nice and big!  So it is the little things in a home that often add up to lots of smiles! Do you find this to be true too?

 photo aafbb938-b41b-4d99-89c2-7b1fc0561c49.jpg 

And last of all when we were on a marriage retreat over at the inland waterway near the beach it snowed (a rare thing for us). This was the view out of our window and it really made me chuckle because of the snow and the SIGN!!!!


  1. The carnations are beautiful in the teacup! At first I thought they were pink roses. Yes, fresh flowers always lift my spirits.

    The pink chair is cute! It's fun to have an accent piece that's a bit out of the ordinary.

  2. I too love carntions especially pink ones as I love the color pink.. And the cup you have them in is darling! Your home is beautiful.. Looks so cozy... I love the photo you have by the coffee pot.. The sign by the pool was funny.. LOL.. and your waist line? Seriously? LOL.. It was good seeing you Sunday even for just a moment.. You're cute as a button no worries on your waist line :)