Thursday, February 7, 2013

Do certain things bring a smile to your face??

 photo 9dac86d4-a584-4359-9098-cd679f055857.jpg
;Some things just make me smile. I enjoy this apron so much I just leave it hanging for now on my pantry door. As I walked into the kitchen tonight I saw a coffee cup near the coffee maker and on the other counter some raisins, oatmeal, walnuts etc. which my hubby has placed out for his morning breakfast.

 photo 4f4eed43-24a9-4924-ad78-b44348a20e6a.jpg
;;He also placed this bowl out---I just love these bowls and the red and white made me smile. My hubby works hard and gets up so early. To make his morning less rushed he sets things up the night before----I am so thankful that I get to sleep in!!

What makes you smile???


  1. So much makes me smile that I am busy smiling alot!
    May you have a terrific February.

    I love your white Kitchen. I will be smiling when my hubby completes my Kitchen....counting the days until it is done. Purdee sure she will be white!

    Appreciate your comments and recent visit to homehaven.
    God bless,

  2. Kim, I love the red apron and red and white bowl, too! Your blog always makes me smile"-)

  3. What a sweet and thoughtful husband you have. That would make me smile. I know what you mean though - I find that sometimes I buy something I don't really need just because it makes me smile. Usually it's something very simple and sweet - it doesn't really take much. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a smiling problem.

  4. When I come over here, and see your sweet little face, I always smile, Kim.
    I'm glad your cute kitchen, and dear husband bring you joy.

  5. Love your apron too! You seem to have a very happy home and happy hubby! You made me smile! Linda@ Grandmalay's Daydreams