Friday, February 1, 2013

Examining the Heart for Pride?

 photo e9aaae2a-17c6-4aac-a2ba-ceccc03c9a35.jpg ;;; Yesterday I made a nice egg salad sandwich on gluten free bread with a strong cup of TAZO wake up tea which is one of my favorites.  Sometimes something simple is so satisfying. 

During one of my online readings I found this article which helps examine your heart for signs of pride. It was such a good examination that I printed it out and wanted to think a whole lot more about it-- especially since it can be a good focus in preparation for Lent.  I thought I would share it.

What I like about the Lenten time period is that it helps to put much of life in perspective. Here are some of the things in this examination that comes from a Full of Grace Study Guide:

Do I...

.Evaluate all things by the affect it will have on my family OR me?
.Boast about accomplishments-overtly or subtly?
.Put my own preferences above that of others?
.Feel the need to command (or control) every situation?
.Talk about myself and my own concerns in every conversation?
.Want people to have a good opinion of me at any price?
.Use every opportunity to point out another's mistakes?
.'Bad mouth' others?
.Get impatient when contradicted or corrected?
.Want to be 'in the know'
.Enjoy the limelight?
.Refuse to readily admit faults, if at all?
.Try to cover up or excuse sins--even in confession?
.Believe deep down inside that I am better than others in any way,
  be it socially, spiritually, or morally?
.Attribute any and all success to my own efforts?
.Cling to self-complacency:
.Get irritated (even slightly) if someone else gets attention and     

These are some things to really think about and I need to work on some!!!

The Byzantine -rite churches, both Orthodox and Catholic apparently pray a prayer during lent (everyday), and it is called 
The Prayer of St. Ephrem.  It is good:

"Lord and Master of my life, do not give me a spirit of laziness or
         idle curiosity, of ambition or empty talk.
Instead , grant to me, your servant, a spirit of self-control and
         humility, of patience and love.
Yes, Lord and King, enable me to see my own failings, and not
         to judge my brother or sister, for you are blessed
         unto the ages of ages. Amen


  1. It is a great list. I happen to see myself in that "controlling" one and it is possible that I just might talk too much about my own concerns. Food for thought.

  2. That's a very good list to consider, isn't it. Thanks.

  3. Mmmm...that's quite a list and there are one or two things I could address from it. I think most of us could.
    The prayer of St. Ephrem is really quite humble and maybe one to adopt for Lent.


  4. Awesome post Kim!. Loved the prayer and Im going to write this list out.. You're right, it's great for Lent!