Thursday, January 27, 2011

Waiting for the grandbaby-legomania and Thai food

My daughter was having labor yesterday and the baby is and was a week late. So I brought the old Lego stuff from their childhood. We had a wild legomania evening!
Wally , the Dad, picked through some of it to create the Fort Legorido below
Tradition for this family is Thai food before delivery!

Great food! BUT after 24 hours of labor no baby came into the world. Labor has ceased, so we await this little dude to make his entrance into our world!


  1. How exciting, Nanny-- I bet you can HARDLY WAIT...
    Thai food really?
    that is a new one for me.

    the lego building looks fun!

  2. New grandchild, Lego play and Thai food--a winning combination! I still have my boys' Legos!! If I had to choose one cuisine only, it would be Thai (forgive me, my southern roots). It has every flavor I like.

    Hope the new baby arrives soon!


  3. That's a lot on Legos (o:
    I still have a box put away somewhere ... a big box.
    That did look like fun. Glad you get to be there. 24 hours for nothing. Yikes. 2 of my babies were 30 hours of labor. Not fun.
    Blessings to you and your little family...can't wait to see pictures of the new blessing (o:

  4. How exciting! We await the news with you!

    And did you corner the market on Lego??



  5. I kept my kids' Legos, too. They played with those long after they left behind other toys.

    Hope that baby comes soon and safely!

  6. Exciting!!~ The waiting I bet is the hardest part. Look at all those boy still loves his legos!

  7. How exciting, but frustrating, all that pain and no baby. I sure hope it arrives soon or that poor mama is going to be so worn out.
    The Lego fort looks great! You must have all had a lot of fun with that.
    Hugs, Cindy