Monday, December 3, 2012

Sacredness and Housework?

Source: via Joan on Pinterest

The above picture is from the British series Keeping up Appearances. It is a funny series about an unusual housewife.

I just wanted a picture for this post ;-).  I liked the following quote found in a local religious newspaper:

She encouraged the sisters to look for holiness in every facet of their work, whether it is the central task of their ministry or simply the daily routine of housework, and to find the 'beautiful humility' that comes through service.
 "When you work mindfully, you realize that whatever you do, it is all sacred,' she said.  "If you are just trying to get things done, you miss the sacredness of the act itself. Learning to work with joy is a practice." [Sister Macrina Wiederkehr]

I love that thought. It is something for me to actively work towards in my life.


  1. That is something we all need to work toward... I know I do, too. A perfect reminder, Kim. Thanks!

    I've always heard do whatever it is you do as "unto the Lord." It really does make a difference. Committing our work... housework, volunteer work, profession... unto Him makes even hard things easier and more joyful. I can see my grandmother doing housework or puttering in her roses and singing or humming, "In The Garden." Remember the litle song, "Whistle While You Work"? Like Granny, I sing hymns when I work, particularly if it's something I don't want to do or is difficult. Makes the time into a personal time of worship with Him.



    1. Thanks for the drop by--singing while you work is a good idea as you have said. (I can not sing or carry a tune--yet I often will put on music while cooking etc and it does draw your heart to the Lord). I really like the idea of doing mundane things that we all have to do intentionally unto the Lord. I know I have often seen it as something I just have to get done--rather than having the joyful attitude. (will be working on it)

  2. I try to clean my entire house Monday morning. I simply LOVE doing it! Thursday is laundry day. I look forward to it all week! It's all in how we look at things! Have a great week!

  3. I keep trying to remind myself of this everyday when I am so tired I can barely hold myself up from taking care of everyone that Im doing it for Jesus.. it helps! :)