Thursday, December 20, 2012

Organization needed!


Wow!! I took out the veggies from the top shelf of my Frig. I had gotten rid of our large freezer when we downsized, realizing I never had much of an idea of what was in it anyways. BUT GUESS WHAT---the same thing happened with my Frig! I had about 6-7 bags of Brussel Sprouts, about 5 bags of corn, 4 bags of peas, 5 bags of spinach etc.


 I am going to try organization and see if it helps!!! I am going to try labeling and putting things in plastic bins. 

I think it may really help!!! Here below is a picture from pinterest that gives the idea of what I want it to look like/ Right now I am doing what I can with the containers I have already.:

Source: via Kim on Pinterest


  1. LOL! We are in the same boat! I was thinking about taking everything out of the fridge and organizing on my kitchen counters too, but I've been procrastinating. Now make sure that you provide an after picture when you finish! Have a great day!

  2. I have a friend who has everything in her frig/freezer very tidily in bins and she knows just where to go to get anything. Unlike me who has to search. Maybe I should take a leaf out of both your books? And yes please, an after photo.

    Have a lovely Christmas.

  3. I have much of the same... a freezer jammed packed with who knows what?! And a desperate need for some organizing!
    Hope it goes well for you...
    I need to do this so badly!
    Merry Christmas Pat