Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Lights and new Picture and photo problems

I am one frustrated Blogger--yup frustrated! It may be my internet connection (I am supposed to get a new router today) or something else but I can't upload my pictures so I can post the larger ones! Photobucket keeps giving me an error (and dropshots won't work either!). So here we go with the small pictues.

I have a new faux (spelling/??) painting in our dinning area. The big wall needed something bigger--now I need to see if I like it there that big or not!
This light fixture we removed since it hung too low and was not centered over the table . We replaced it with a light fixture that hopefully one does not notice too much (since it is not centered and I am always moving the furniture around in this room!).

I am hoping things will get fixed with the new router and I am hoping it will be delivered today! Here is one more picture from Brookgreen Garden below--(I manage to upload one picture a day! )ha! I like the contrasts in the colors below!


  1. Your new lighting is the sweetest.

  2. Fantastic! When I click on your pics I can see them larger. Hope you get things resolved, I know how frustrating it can be. Love your new light too.

  3. I really like the picture in your dinning room. The new light fixture is great to. I have that problem of it not being centered at my house.
    I can never make my pictures BIG...so I have just given up.
    The Brook Gardens looked like a great place and very colorful. It is not all the pretty around here after the 3 snow storms and this week 99 MPH winds...enjoy.

  4. Haven't been by here in a while. Hope you are doing well in your new place. Lighting is often a problem for me to because I like to move things around. Gives a new fresh feeling.

    Coleen in Ukraine

  5. Your dining room looks great!
    Love the faux painting and the new light.

    Like Debbie- I can click and see your images on a larger scale just fine.

    Hope you get the router/uploading issues resolved soon.


  6. SC looks pretty nice this time of year! So sorry about the picture problems. That can be so frustrating! I like your changes!