Thursday, November 17, 2011

Great Thanksgiving Vegetable Platter and starbucks find

I love this idea above! A friend posted it on facebook and this is something I would like to do over thanksgiving. I also discovered this dip below which is delicious and quite hot:
This is Black beans and corn. I like Newman's own because it donates profits to charity.
I found this Starbucks' coffee cup at Walmart. I like it because it is stainless steel on the inside. It was with some assorted Christmas gifts in the chocolate isle or coffee isle (I forget which!). I am enjoying it right this minute--it is nice because it keeps my coffee warm....AND of course I actually brew starbucks' Italian Roast because it is very BOLD> I am enjoying this rainy windy day here in SC. My walk this morning was free from rain , but the colors looked great against the backdrop of the grey skies.


  1. I LOVE that thanksgiving platter. So creative! And cute!

    Thanks for your visit :)

    I have an awesome throw pillow giveaway happening now -- if you'd like, I'd love if you came by and entered!


  2. I LOVE the turkey platter...thanks for sharing! Hope you faired the recent severe weather w/out incident. My daughter and her young family live in NC, so we keep an eye to the eastern sky!

  3. Oh, I love that mug! I just went to Walmart today...can't go back again for awhile! heehee! But I'll look for the mug when I do! ♥

  4. The platter of veges is perfect for Thanksgiving! I would love to do that, too. I shall save it for future use, seeing as our Thanksgiving is long past.
    I love Starbucks Italian roast also, we brew nothing but Starbucks coffee, bought at Costco it is SO much less inexpensive than it is at SB's.
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. Wally has been eating that dip ever since.