Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the geese are growing


Junior with MOM or DAD
Two of the juniors near my bird feeder--they are getting their feathers
The geese are a-growing. The first picture in this collage was a few weeks ago. The second and third are from today--they have some feathers now! They eat for quite some time and then go into rest mode.

I am continuing to read "1000 gifts"--I like this quote: "I am a hunter of beauty and I move slow and I keep the eyes wide, every fiber of every muscle sensing all wonder....Its ridiculous how much joy a moment can hold."

We need to do this especially because we don't know what a day may bring forth--we need to enjoy each aspect of our loved ones and all the gifts we are experiencing right now, right this moment. Eucharisteo--thanksgiving.

Photobucket Enjoying a cup of English tea in the cup we bought 34 years ago in June on our honeymoon. We bought it at an antique shop and the saucer didn't match , but we still loved it. I am thankful for all of these years and the memories, good and bad, that make up our lives.

Thankful for slow quiet mornings to enjoy God's creatures.


  1. I ordered Ann's book due to your posts. I follow her on Google Reader but never felt the urge to buy the book until you posted it's effects. The geese are fun to watch. Blessings on your new home!

  2. I love the end of that quote
    "It's ridiculous how much wonder a moment can hold."
    I especially feel that with the the special moments (o:
    The geese are sweet.

  3. I love that quote and it's one that really fits the day we are living in. I am afraid to turn on my radio in the morning these days.
    Your geese are so cute, how nice that you are photographing their development.
    Hugs, Cindy

  4. Glad to see you enjoying your english tea in your special cup and saucer. Loved seeing the geese and cute bird too.

  5. Great post Kim! LOVE the cup and saucer!
    Enjoy your weekend.