Thursday, June 3, 2010

Two true books worth reading

These two books, Left to Tell and Led by Faith are really worth the read. The first book is the true story of how Immaculee survived during the slaughter of 1 million people in Rwanda.
The second book, Led by Faith, tells what happens after this. Both are an encouragement in a walk of faith and the blessings and amazing ways God answers prayer. I read each book on the day I started it or by the next day. I couldn't put them down! My husband has also enjoyed the books. The first is a bit dismal, but is well worth the read and encouraging. The second is very uplifting.
Ps. If you have any good reads, let me know in your comments (although I don't get many visitors to this blog!)


  1. sound like great books
    so is the other one your main blog now?
    should I be concerned that my blog is not on your list of blogs you read (o:

  2. I wrote both down and will look up at the Library. I am so glad you shared. I am always looking for good reads for the summer! Thanks :)

  3. Just thinking did you ever read A thousand Splend Suns or Kite Runner. Both are good.

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