Wednesday, June 16, 2010

33 years of marriage

Well, this Friday, June 18, hubby (the guy on the right, et hem ,and not one of the monkeys) will have been married to the great Nannykim for 33 years!! Hard to believe.

We won't celebrate until the weekend, since he has a job commitment.

We met in church. He was engaged to someone else at the time!!! I was ready for marriage and I asked God to break down any barriers keeping me from the one that God wanted me to marry. (Honestly, I didn't realize what this would entail!). Shortly after that he broke off his engagement.

I had been dating one of his pals. After I broke off the relationship with his pal, his pal kept urging him to date me. Just to get his friend to stop bugging him, hubby decided to ask me on one date! He had laryngitis the evening he asked me about getting together with him for a date. He took me up to the balcony in this little old church and said he would like to take me out on the following weekend. I thought he was going to rebuke me for something because of the way he was whispering from the laryngitis! (We belonged to a serious type church!). I almost passed out when I realized he was asking me on a date.

It ended up being a very romantic one. He packed a picnic lunch and took me to an old historic village. We were the only ones there for some reason! We felt like we had gone back in time. We had a wonderful time of sharing in the beauty of the place.

We got married 6 months later. We were broke and the only reason we decided to get married that soon, was because we found a one room house we could afford to rent! It did have a closet bathroom. We had a fold out couch that took up the entire sitting area!

Our relationship has gone through trials, but I have never NOT felt romantic in our relationship! God has blessed us with love and the ability to work through rough times. Our relationship has grown and gotten better over the years, just like a glass of good wine ;-)!


  1. Congratulations on your Anniversary. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog and for all the good book and movie reviews. Blessings, Patty

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    sounds like you have a strong happy marriage.

  3. I love stories about our beginnings - whatever happened to his former fiancee? Glad it worked out as it was supposed to!

    We were married only 8 months after we met - DC can't believe that when he looks back!

    Happy Anniversary and have a wonderful celebration this week-end.

  4. In case I don't get to it tomorrow, Happy Anniversary! What a great story.


  5. Happy anniversary! What a sweet story and wonderful testimony.

  6. What a delightful beginning to something obviously wonderful in the Lord. CONGRATULATIONS. :) Have a blessed and fun weekend! :)

  7. That's such a great story! I hope y'all have a Happy Anniversary!!!

  8. Kim! Happy Anniversary to you and the mister! Loved reading this. You were meant to be!


    Sheila :-)

    P.S. I have been chasing you from blog to blog. I'm winded! ;-)

  9. That is so is almost a carbon copy of our story..only we had two whole rooms in the married student housing building. Tim was in school--his last year--so began a life time of living on a budget..but having a great time. :o)

    Wonderful story!

  10. What a fun pink Saturday post. I never could do the hoola hoop so I won;t try it. LOL
    Happy anniversary and pink Saturday

  11. Loved hearing about your smooth way of catching your hubby. No marriage is perfect, we it will usually work if both parties give and take.

  12. Kim, what a beautiful post! Happy Anniversary!

  13. Happy Anniversary! A lovely story with precious memories. God bless you and keep you in love. Martha

  14. Thank you for visiting my blog this Pink Saturday. In returning the visit, I was unable to see your video, as we have most things like that blocked from our computer. So...I went down to the next post, which is why I am commenting on it and not today's post.

    Anyhow, a very happy anniversary to you and your hubby. I am celebrating an anniversary this month as husband and I got engaged in June of 1985, so we're sort of celebrating our "silver anniversary." In February, it will be the real silver.

    Anyhow, may you be blessed with many more years of love and joy.

    Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)

  15. Hi Kim, you and your hubs got married right after we did, we celebrated 33 years in April! And we laugh more now than we ever did, and times seem to be tougher as we get older, not easier like it 'supposed' to be, lol..
    Happy Anniversary!

  16. Congratulations on your anniversary. It was neat to hear how you met. May you have many more blessed years.

    Bella Rosa Antiques

    PS. I loved your hula hoop videos!!!!