Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Introducing Billy for Rednesday

Hi I am Billy. I am so soft--did you know that old monkeys get soft with age?? That is what is so special about adopting us old monkeys. Nannykim adopted me last week or maybe a week and a half ago......time flies when one is monkey-ing around!
Here I am waiting for the laudry to finish washing. I'm just sitting in the laudry room. Notice my ruby red lips and my balsom filled cardinal pillows from Mount Mitchell! When I sit here in the laundry room and I lean on these pillows the scent brings me back to the Mountains!

Well the whites are ready to hang! I know you have seen this RED laundry basket before, but have you seen it filled? With WHITES? This basket is sold in Walmart's 4th of July section. It would be great to haul stuff at the beach too--Nannykim is smiling about it!

I grant Nannykim mucho encouragement by hanging here. She likes hanging laundry before the sun hits the area--it makes her feel she has gotten ahead of the game.-- ALthough she likes the feel of the early morning sunshine too. It is soothing to hear the birds singing and the neighbors out trimming ......


The Whites are hanging nicely!
Well my friends, I hope you have enjoyed meeting me. I am so love---able and please let Nannykim know how wonderful you think I am. I am a happy little guy, that loves to play around!


Note:The brim of my hat does turn down to a normal baseball cap, but Nannykim was a bit lazy and didn't feel like taking another picture......save that for another day! I am just a cool dude! (ps. this post is also on my monkey blog http://monkeybusiness-nannykim.blogspot.com/ but some folks get confused so I have done a double one!) Other Rednesday folk can be found on Wednesday right at this site: http://suelovescherries.blogspot.com/


  1. (Smile) I love this post! Billy is adorable! And, yes, I saw the red basket in the 4th of July section of Walmart just yesterday! I bought some of the striped red, white, and blue towels there and love them. Also, believe it or not, hanging laundry on the line is one of my favorite things to do at home, especially if the wind is blowing! Have a great week!

  2. Hello Billy
    You have a new fan in England. I wish you were here to help ME with MY laundry. Nannykin is so lucky having you there to help her with her whites!

  3. Billy is a great help. We all need a Billy in our life.
    Do bring Billy for tea anytime.
    Have a
    blessed week.

  4. I love those monkeys and have always wanted one but somehow one has never come by here. Wonderful post, I have been feeling guilty about using my dryer lately because I am too busy with the gardens to hang out clothes!!!! Kinda a paradox huh? Have a great day in the Son enjoying the wonders of this beautiful life. Oh such super cute baby grands you have!!!! Blessings Meg

  5. Billy, please tell Nanny Kim she can bring her red basket to my house and help with laundry any time she wants!
    Nice to meet you sweetie!

  6. Hi Billy, it's so nice to make your acquaintance. Such a helpful young man you are too. Be sure to tell your mom what a great guy she has here, okay?

  7. Billy is my hero!!~ He does it all doesn't he? So cute!

  8. This is such a cuuuute post!
    I used to do this kind sometime. Must not be feeling as creative these days.I think tired will do that to you.

    Thanks for coming by and leaving a note. Not sure why pic did not enlarge. I clicked and it enlarged twice. maybe just blogger for am minute? (guess we should not blame everything on them)


    barbara jean

  9. Oh Billy, you sure did get around today! First you were in the garden, then the laundry room, and then you're swinging from the clothesline! You need to stop monkeying around and give nannykim a hand. You're lucky you're so gosh darn cute!
    Happy REDnesday!

  10. I love early mornings too. There seems to be so much "possibility" in them!

    What a help mate Billy is! I think I might actually enjoy the laundry if Billy were there to tell me about his day and cheer me on. :)

    I love sock monkeys! Thanks so much for sharing Billy with us.

    Happy Rednesday,

  11. How cute! I love the tour of your place with Billy! he seems to be a very happy monkey. I had a monkey just like Billy when I was little. My babysitter gave him to me - I think he's still at my parent's house! Thanks for visiting me today!

  12. love that Billy
    love clothes out on the line
    I looked at that red basket...
    loved it....but don't really need it (o:

  13. Oh he's adorable! And Nannykim, thanks so much for visiting my blog, you are so nice!

  14. This post is sooooooooo funny & I just love the monkey!!

    I also love your comments on my blog!! Thank you!!

    Agneta, the swedish one ;)

  15. Hey Billy , you are so cute & adorable ! It was nice to meet you .

  16. Hi Billy,
    It is nice to meet you! And you are a very plesant fellow indeed! :)

  17. What a perfectly adorable little helper Billy is.Lovve the red laundry basket still, found my at Wal-mart for $5!

  18. Billy looks great there keeping an eye on the laundry! So cute!

    A great weekend to you Nannykim!

  19. What a lovable soft Billy. Cute post, NannyKim! You are pretty good at that hula hoop...Christine

  20. So sweet! I love the cute photos! That's a darling monkey!

    I loved your comment about your children! Those of us who have raised our families with a lot of forethought and effort really reap the blessings in the long run don't we? God is so good!

    Thanks for sharing on my blog!

    Donna @ Comin' Home