Friday, April 2, 2010


This painting is by Bill Stephens. I like it. It can be found here: This is what he says about it:

"There exists a chess game between the devil and a man in which the man is one move away from checkmate. If he looses, that jar beside him will hold his soul as all who are on the mantle over the fireplace. The man thinks he has lost, but actually if one studies the board, they will come to realize he has a way out, but he can't see it. Signed 18x24 Canvas giclee $185.00 Please add $50.00 for a signed one-of-a-kind giclee print which you alone would own."
I saw this a few years ago and I still often think of it! It is amazing how one picture can speak to a person, eh?


  1. Sorry ...but that picture would give me nightmares (o:
    So glad that serpent would have no power over me because Jesus owns my soul already (o:

  2. Great picture.

    Love to you

    He has risen!