Monday, March 22, 2010

More of Muriel

I just wanted to post this picture of my MIL. She died on Feb 24 and it was taken before she got married around 1948. It is so nice to see old pictures of loved ones.


  1. she is beautiful.
    reminds me of pictures of my Mom
    she had the same sort of hair do
    Yes those tears grab my heart
    I thought about saying I would bring her home for a nap at Grammies...but then she would always expect that. I have her two mornings a week, but not usually alone like today (o:

  2. Your MIL was a beautiful woman.

    I grew up down near the fort, at Lebanon. It is in the foothills of the Ozarks. Beautiful country just south of Fort Leonard Wood. We had a huge snowstorm and cold and cloudy days, over the weekend, in South Missouri. The fort is about an hour south of our lake place. My parents were married there, during WW2.

    If your son arrived via 44 from STL, he did see flatland. The beginning of the hills is just beyond the fort.

    Missouri is beautiful! We are very proud of our state. It's still grey with no green for a few more weeks. He may be finished with training before the beautiful spring comes to the Ozarks. The Dogwood and Redbud begin to bloom mid April. The hills, south of the fort are beautiful, during all four seasons. He just arrived at the end of winter,when things aren't showing at their best.

    We live in Northeast Missouri, where my husband is from. North of St Louis. It is flat up this way. All prairie and farmland, but beautiful just the same.

  3. That's a wonderful picture of her! She was gorgeous!

  4. opps
    to many Nannies and Grammies (o:
    thanks for pointing it out

  5. What a lovely picture. I love pictures from that era.

  6. Oh I am so sorry Best warm wishes to al your broken hearts.
    Hugs, Diane

  7. That really is such a lovely picture. Part of me wants such neat hair styles like that to come back in style. But then I know I'd never figure out how to do it.

  8. What a beautiful woman your MIL was!
    Your blog entry reminded me of all the old family pictures that I still have not found a place to hang in our home. I need to do that. I think I am waiting for all the painting that needs done first!

    bee blessed

  9. Hi,
    Just wanted to tell you that the toy I gave my BD girl was called a Zhu Zhu pet. They are in big demand so hard to find. Like an automated hamster. It has batteries and scoots around...but if it hits a wall it changes directions. It also makes funny little noises. She asked for hope the dog doesn't eat it....or the three little sisters do something to it. I hoped the little house I made (a photo box decorated on the inside) would help keep it safe.
    This is spring break... cold and windy...will probably see the kids and the toys this week (o: