Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Toddlers and Nursing homes?

I am visiting my daughter (it is my birthday week and I needed some grandkids!) . Today a bunch of kiddies got together to visit the nursing home. They had stories about Spring and rain (and Noah --)
They visited with the elderly and found out what Spring reminded them of--ie renewal, summer cloths, flowers etc were some of the answers given. They wrote these on umbrellas and stuck them on a bulletin type board.
Yes, there was music and my grandson decided to help out on the piano.

Below they are singing to Singing in the Rain and they have their "umbrellas" and are walking around "puddles". When the music stops they get to jump in the puddles.
Below they are playing a game of jumping over the "puddles".

When we left my Granddaughter had to put her real umbrella up!
They also learned some signing for umbrella, rain, etc. The older folks loved watching the kids and really enjoyed this. The kids loved everything. It was a great time.


  1. Sounds like fun for both age groups!

  2. Oh my - so adorable! I hope when I'm old and in a nursing home that someone brings little children to run around my wheelchair.